T Selfie

Last night all the kids were piled on our bed, and I thought of one of my favorite photos of my family, which is a selfie of the four of them on our bed that Tim sent me on my way home from work last winter. Its been the “wallpaper” on my phone since the day he sent it to me. So it popped into my head and I said “hey guys, heads together, let’s take a picture!” A says “a selfie?” (Daddy’s girl).

Not my most flattering photo but I got one of everyone looking! Score!

Then I just had to laugh. He bought M, A, R, T and D pillow covers for our bed at Target. With extras for the kids’ rooms. He actually bought an M and a T and 2 As and 2 Rs first, then we had to buy two Ds when I was pregnant with a boy…before Target stopped carrying them! In all the madness the other pillows were knocked off the bed. But there’s the T, in near perfect position! Tim never could miss the opportunity for a selfie.

Author: marybethgaige

Mother. Sister. Daughter. Widow. Friend. Worker. Lover.

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