The greatest Christmas 12/19/2016

Last year I posted on Facebook every day from December 19-28th my one-year-ago memories from London. While we were in London we weren’t posting in real-time, so it was the first time that I was really sharing our trip. In 2016, everyone thought we were crazy when we took a 5 and 3 year old and a 5 month old to London for Christmas. It was absolutely amazing. When we returned I wondered how we’d ever top that Christmas!! Then when Tim died less than 6 months later I knew we never would. Of course, as I mentioned in my “The Holidays” post, I will continue to try to give the kids the best Christmas experience possible. I would like them to have a good electronic record of that Christmas in London though, the last with their father, even if they personally remember very little or nothing at all. So this year I plan to capture the memories I put on Facebook last year here on my blog for them to call up when they want.

I think I will always consider it the Greatest Christmas.

Here goes:

A year ago we landed at Heathrow. I was seated with Declan separately from the other three so I could have the bulkhead seat with a bassinet, and then they changed aircraft so no bassinet seat…meaning I was awake the whole night holding Declan. (And Annabelle was awake almost the whole night watching movies!) Our friend Stephen met us at the arrivals gate at Heathrow and I whispered to Timmy “this is JUST like Love Actually!!” Then we navigated the tube across London to arrive at our friends’ adorable home, and the girls were so excited to see the tree where Santa would leave their gifts!! 🎄🎅We made ourselves right at home. I know that last photo is Tim decompressing once we finally got all 3 to bed because I see a glass next to him 😉 🍷🇬🇧

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