2021 MB shocks 2020 MB

As an only parent, I have many conversations with myself, many conversations with Tim in my head, or thinking through that Tim would say/do. On parenting, there are so many questions, and I am the ultimate decision maker in all things: right, wrong or indifferent. The other day I had this conversation in my head and it just made me laugh:

2021 MaryBeth: OMG! I got the emails! The girls are both going to school FOUR DAYS next week! YESSSS!!!!!

2020 MaryBeth: WHAT?!?!??! Four days? Four days!?!? But work is FIVE days? Where was the 5 day option in the survey?? What will I do with the other day? Maybe <my au pair> can cover the one day, and I’ll just flex my hours to accommodate that… ok, that could work…

2021 MB: Au pair! Ha! That’s funny. Remember when we had an au pair?

2020 MB: What?

2021 MB: Oh yeah, J-1 Visas have been cancelled. The au pair you matched with in February 2020, waited for a year, but when her visa was declined/delayed the final time at the end of January, she realized she couldn’t take one more disappointment, and just had to move on. And we understood, of course!

2020 MB: So then what will happen that other day – is there enough PTO to take every Monday off? How will that look at work? Can I do any work from home that day? What will the girls do that day? What is “asynchronous”? Why are you jumping off the walls about FOUR days? Do you forget? The work week is FIVE days!

2021 MB: Oh the girls will just go to taekwondo all day on Monday.

2020 MB: Taekwondo? Bu the girls don’t do taekwondo.

2021 MB: Yes they do.

2020 MB: All day? What…?

2021 MB: It’s ok. Four days is amazing. For now. Hopefully 5 next year. Girls are ok. They are happy and healthy and safe, and alive when we pick them up. We can do hard things. Breathe deeply.